A cycling or hiking trip in Arizona is the best way to allow The Grand Canyon States vast and ancient landscapes to work their magic on you and the active travel opportunities are as endless as the big skies that sit above then.

From the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley, the other-worldly Petrified Forests to the cacti inspired Saguaro National Park, the re-rock buttes of Sedona to the rich mineral blue waterfalls of Havasu Falls, there is no shortage of adventurous locations to enthral cyclists and hikers alike.

The Grand Canyon is Arizona’s main drawcard, with millions of visitors attracted to the rim each year. Only 1% ever descend below the rim of this iconic feature that cuts into 277 miles of the Colorado Plateau. Will you join them?

The majestic sandstone towers of Monument Valley, near Four Corners on the Arizona-Utah border, is for many the most prominent image of the American Wild West. Located in Navajo nation, hiking through the red hues of this dramatic and extraordinary pocket of America is a must for any active traveler.

Arizona is also home to 22 Tribal nations, with the rich Native American history and cowboy culture leaving a strong impression on each traveler who visits. The stories, legends, culinary delights, and culture of the southwest has helped to define Arizona’s appeal as much as her captivating desert landscapes.

Discover Arizona the active way on a hiking or cycling trip with us.

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North America Active is committed to responsible travel and true sustainability. It was a commitment formed when our parent company, World Expeditions, was established in 1975, and today, in the face of a multitude of threats to global environments and cultures, our commitment is stronger than ever. Over several decades we have honed our responsible travel philosophy and are continually assessing and improving initiatives that are practiced in the field to ensure that we are mitigating our impact to the smallest possible footprint. By joining a hiking or cycling tour, you too are making a concerted effort to minimize your impact when you travel. Learn more about our Thoughtful Travel policies and practices.

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